Probe Holder for Traeger Grills

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This is a holder for the Traeger Grills meat temperature probe included with the pellet grills. You simply insert your probe into the holes on the outer edge of the unit, wrap the cable around it, hide the connector in the middle cavity, and stick it to the grill/fridge/other metal object via the attached rare earth (neodymium) magnet on the back. The rare earth magnet is very strong so the unit can be mounted in any orientation - including upside down on the bottom of the grill. The magnet has an epoxy coating to make it rust/corrosion resistant.

The probe holder has enough probe holes/probe connector holes to hold up to 2 probes on a single holder. Using 2 probes requires the cable to be efficiently wrapped and the probes should be wrapped independently.

Note 1: These are made of plastic and should not be exposed to heat. These are not to be used while the grill is in use or when the probe is in use. Only attach to the grill when the grill is cool. The grill legs or bottom shelf are great place to temporarily store the unit while you cook.

Note 2: The rare earth magnet is a very strong magnet (go big or go home!) which pulls very hard towards metal so take extra care to ensure you do not pinch your fingers and/or damage the magnet/grill when attaching it. Keep magnet away from electronic components.